Give the Gift of a Catholic Education

Join Us for #GivingTuesday,
the Global Day of Giving on Dec. 1

“Catholic education is our greatest and best inheritance, and together we must make every effort to sustain the Catholic school presence.”

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This year, on December 1 2020, as people worldwide come together to strengthen communities and change our world, Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy will also be participating in Giving Tuesday, and we need your help!

Our school has built its outstanding 60-year-old reputation on providing quality education for Catholic families who seek an academically strong, values-and faith-based schooling. 

We have reacted nimbly to the turbulence the past few months, persevering through pandemic restrictions, adapting to new challenges, and all the time continuing our task of educating the school children of Queens.

While we are fully committed to ensuring that Catholic education remains a viable option for all children, we need your help.

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A Call to Action

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Dear Catholic Schools Families,

Over the past month, Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn have been
open and successfully conducting in-person Catholic education for our students. Our meticulously planned
protocols, designed to keep students and teachers safe, and developed in conformity with city, state, and federal
health guidelines, are working. Having heard from so many of you, we know you are grateful for all the hard
work, time, and, yes, money – some $18 million dollars — that went into making sure our Catholic schools
could open and operate safely, as they have been doing.

As you are likely aware, a number of areas in New York City and the surrounding counties are seeing an uptick
in positive test results for COVID-19. Health experts have told us all along to anticipate such statistical trends
as we entered autumn. In reaction to these expected numbers, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are
instituting drastic measures by shutting down all public and private schools within certain ZIP codes. Rather
than judging each school on their individual merits and their fidelity to the protocols set forth by their own
administrations, the governor and mayor are painting all institutions with a draconian broad brush.

The safety of our Catholic school communities is paramount. It was that very guiding principle that saw us
close our Catholic schools well before the public schools felt it necessary to do so in the Spring of 2020.
Should there be a situation that required a Catholic school to close, we would not need to wait for elected
officials to tell us to do so.

Our Catholic schools are faithfully adhering to the guidelines we have established. Isolated cases of COVID-19
in our Catholic schools have triggered these protocols, and in person learning has safely continued. The New
York City Department of Health has been inspecting our Catholic schools. All have passed.

If other schools cannot meet the standards needed to operate safely, they should indeed be closed until they
demonstrate their ability to do so. In the meantime, it is absolutely unfair to be associated with the noncompliant schools merely because we share a ZIP code.

Our principals, teachers and staff have worked too hard, and you, our families have provided too much support,
that we cannot allow government officials to derail the education of your children. If you agree, please let your
elected officials know how you feel, by taking a moment to call and email Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio,
your city councilmember, state assembly member, and state senator and tell them to support schools that are
working and not to institute these draconian measures.

This message is being delivered to all corners of both our diocese as we are brothers and sisters; part of the
greater New York Catholic school community who may very well see these issues arise in your region. As such,
we ask you utilize the links provided to reach as many elected officials as possible.

Please call Governor Cuomo directly 1-518-474-8390 and Mayor de Blasio at 212-788-3000.

In order to contact your state and local representatives, please utilize the following links:

All our families should visit Find My Senator as well as Find My NY Assembly Member while those who live
within the five boroughs of New York City should also utilize Find My City Council Member


Mr. Michael J. Deegan
Archdiocese of New York

Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools Superintendent – Catholic Schools Support Services
R.C. Diocese of Brooklyn

End of Year Principal’s Messsage

To the Our Lady of Hope Community,

            As my third year as principal of Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy comes to an end, I never imagined the school year closing in the way it did, with an empty building and all activities being handled virtually.  This pandemic has disrupted not only the lives of the adults in the world, but also the lives of the children. I want to thank the parents for their continued support these past three months, as you have taken on the challenge of managing your child’s Online Distance Learning since schools closed and instruction went remote.  You should be commended for your commitment, as you worked in partnership with your child’s teacher, to make sure your child did not fall behind academically. However moving forward, I understand the importance of our students returning to their classrooms.  As a parent myself, I strongly feel it is necessary, not only for academic reasons, but for the social and emotional growth of the child, as these years are very important in a child’s development.

I have been asked to be a member of the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Re-Opening Task Force for Catholic Academies.  The Diocese has asked the participating principals on this task force to propose three different scenarios for a September opening. One scenario is returning to school at 100% (nursery to grade 8), with new protocols, following guidelines put into place to ensure the health and safety of the students, teachers, staff and administration. Some of the guidelines that have been proposed, include an early arrival time that would allow students to enter the building, on a staggering schedule, from different entrances;  wearing masks in the classroom (students and teachers), including anyone entering the classroom, such as administration, maintenance, or clergy.  In grades 4 – 8, which are departmentalized, it was proposed that the teachers would move rather than the students.  This is to minimize the amount of people moving throughout the building during the day. There may also be an additional lunch period, to reduce the number of students in the cafeteria at one time. These are just a few of the proposals, as we address the logistical issues of reopening.

Our goal in reopening Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy in September is its importance in the community. Our Lady of Hope continues to be a premier Catholic academy, not only in Middle Village and its surrounding neighborhoods, but also in the Diocese of Brooklyn.  Our Lady of Hope continues to provide a high-quality education, as evident in the accomplishments of the Class of 2020.

            I would like to identify some of the accomplishments and goals that were met this past year.  At the time of graduation, the Class of 2020 received approximately $900,000.00 in scholarship money, with each graduate being accepted to a minimum of one Catholic high school, including Regis High School and Xavier High School. Our graduates also received acceptances to Fiorello LaGuardia High School for Art & Music and Performing Arts, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School, and to Townsend Harris High School. 

            I want to thank you again for your continual support for Catholic education and to Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy.

Wishing you a safe and healthy summer.


Giuseppe Campailla

Class of 2020 High School Commitments




Melanie Alvarez- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School   

Ava Angerano- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School   

Mia Armstrong-St. John’s Preparatory School 

Tiffany Aucapina- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School   

Daniel Backes- Martin Luther High School

Rafal Baran- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School  

Vincent Bosco- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School 

Ana Botero-Gil- Archbishop Molloy High School

Taylor Burgos- Archbishop Molloy High School 

Peter Canale- Cathedral Preparatory School & Seminary

James Capria- Archbishop Molloy High School 

Justin Catapano- St. Francis Preparatory School 

Brian Chica-Herrera-Phillips Academy – Andover

Ella Corrigan- St. Agnes Academic High School     

Liam Cullinan- Archbishop Molloy High School

Rose Daily – Maspeth High School

Alexander Dalton- St. Francis Preparatory School

Olivia DeCandia- Art and Design High School

Christopher Felle- St. Francis Preparatory School

Ellen Foynes-Art and Design High School

Nico Gallo- St. Francis Preparatory School

Lorcan Gaynor- Xavier High School

Lilliana Gluszak-Dominican Academy

Eva Gonzalez- Archbishop Molloy High School

Sarah Gracchi-The Urban Assembly Maker Academy 

Jace Guarnieri- Cathedral Preparatory School & Seminary

Ryan Halpin- Archbishop Molloy High School

Sophia Hoyt- Archbishop Molloy High School 

Vittoria Izzo- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School   

Abigail Jalocha- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School   

Kendall Kelly- Archbishop Molloy High School

Samantha Kelly- Archbishop Molloy High School

Kenan Kolar- Archbishop Molloy High School 

Sean Kull- Xavier High School

Valentina Livornese- Archbishop Molloy High School

Conor McCroy- Archbishop Molloy High School

Alexander Maria- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School 

Isabella Micelli- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School   

Sarah Mulligan-  Academy of American Studies

Virginia O’Connor- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School   

Nicolina Paternostro-The Mary Louis Academy

Catalina Prieto- Archbishop Molloy High School

Colin Riker- Archbishop Molloy High School

Ella Roche- Archbishop Molloy High School 

Yummi Romero- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School   

JeanCarlos Sanchez- Undecided

Anna Sanscrainte- Archbishop Molloy High School

Gabriella Savino- Archbishop Molloy High School

Alexander Sepe – Regis High School

Erin Shields- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School   

Amanda Syversen- Notre Dame School

Angelina Syversen- Notre Dame School 

Alexandra Tardugno – Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School

Luca Vicino- Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School   




























Coronavirus Update

Diocese of Brooklyn Announces Catholic Academies and Parish Schools

Will close until at least April 20, 2020

Superintendent of Schools Thomas Chadzutko, Ed. D., has announced today all elementary Catholic Academies and Parish Schools in Brooklyn and Queens will remain closed until April 20, 2020. This follows last week’s announcement that the schools would be closed this week, March 16-March 20, 2020, out of an abundance of caution. The decision mirrors the New York City public schools announcement made last night.

“The decision to close is based on the interdependency of services between public schools and Catholic schools,” said Dr. Chadzutko.

Many families that attend Diocesan schools depend on the New York City services such as bus transportation, meals, nurses, and crossing and security guards.

“If there was a safe way for us to open sooner, we would, but we cannot function without those essential services,” said Joan McMaster, Associate Superintendent for Principal and Teacher Personnel.

The latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control is to restrict gatherings of 50 or more people. Clearly, the school environment would be in violation.

The contingency pandemic plan, which is part of the Office of the Superintendent school crisis management plan, includes digital, distance and alternative instruction for students so that their education is not disrupted. A complete transition to that model of instruction will take place this week.

The Office of the Superintendent is in daily communication with city and state officials and is part of the Coronavirus Education Task Force of the NYC Department of Education. During this time, there is a constant reassessment of the situation and the necessary response in an effort to keep our school community safe.