End of the Year Principal’s Message

To the Our Lady of Hope Community,

As my first year as principal of Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy comes to an end, I want to thank the families, parishioners, and the faithful people I met throughout the year for their support. Listening to the people tell their stories of how their children and grandchildren attended the school is what makes Our Lady of Hope such a special place. The Catholic Identity that is so visible when I arrived last summer continues to be visible and stronger, which is the foundation that makes Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy the exceptional academic institution it is. Lead by the Very Reverend Michael Carrano, the Parish priests and especially our teachers, Our Lady of Hope students are taught that Jesus the Christ is the center of their lives. Catholic values and morals are imbedded not only in religion class, but in all aspects of the students’ day.

I would like to recognize the accomplishments of the Class of 2018. At the time of graduation, the Class of 2018 received over $560,000.00 in scholarship money, with each graduate being accepted to a minimum of one Catholic high school, including Regis High School. This exceptional group participated in an accelerated Earth Science course, and over 89% of those taking the Earth Science Regents Exam passed. This is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the faculty to ensure the success of our students.

For the upcoming school year, literacy and math will be the two main areas of focus in the Early Childhood grades, providing our youngest students with a strong, solid foundation. On the middle school level, an Honors Math Program is being developed, so that our academically strong students will have the opportunity to be challenged with a more rigorous course of study in math. Students in grades seven and eight will be grouped homogeneously for math. Students in grade eight will have the opportunity to take the Algebra I course during the school day, and become eligible to sit for the Algebra I Regents Exam in June 2019. This accelerated opportunity will allow for Our Lady of Hope’s advanced students to complete two Regents-level courses and exams prior to entering high school.

Finally, a grant application has been submitted to have a fully equipped STEM Lab put into the school, so that the students in Kindergarten through grade eight will have the tools and resources to enrich themselves with knowledge in the field of math and science.
I want to thank you for your continual support of Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy.

Giuseppe Campailla