On September 1, 2016, Our Lady of Hope School officially became an academy, and the newly appointed Board of Trustees assumed their responsibilities.

Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy is governed by a two-tiered board that is comprised of a Board of Members and a Board of Trustees.

Tier 1

The Board of Members is comprised of pastors aligned to the academy, the bishop, and the superintendent. Together, they function as prime sponsors of the academy. They appoint the Directors and ensure the overall Catholic identity of the academy and its programs.

Most Rev. Robert Brennan, Bishop Diocese of Brooklyn
Rev. Monsignor David Cassato, Vicar for Catholic Schools
Rev. Monsignor Steven Aggugia, Vicar for Canonical Affairs
Rev. Peter Purpura, Pastor, Our Lady of Hope Parish
Dr. Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D, Superintendent of Schools ~ Diocese of Brooklyn


Tier 2

The Board of Trustees is composed of lay people who function as the governing body of the academy. They select the principal and serve as immediate supervising body. They are passionate about Catholic education and share their expertise in areas of finance, facilities management, institutional advancement, marketing and public relations.

Mrs. Nora Nolan, Board Chair
Mr. Ignazio Artale, Vice Chair
Mrs. Irene Posio, Treasurer
Mr. Guy Barbieri, Secretary
Mr. John Notaro
Dr. Anne Nolte

The Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy’s Board of Trustees welcomes feedback and may be reached by email at