Siena Program

Our Siena Program is a part of the Aquinas Society of the Diocese of Brooklyn. It is intended to be an enrichment program for hard working and conscientious 7th and 8th grade students who have displayed excellence in their academics and behavior.


1. Students must earn a final average of 93% or higher in all subject areas on their report card.
2. All personal growth areas of the report card must be good or excellent.
3. Students must obtain a total score of 90% or higher on the Terra Nova test.

In December, students who meet these criteria will be asked to obtain the following for consideration into the Siena Program:

(A) A portfolio of the student’s best, graded writing samples gathered between September and December.

(B) Recommendations from two teachers that demonstrate the following:

1. Motivation and willingness of the student to share their talents
2. The student’s ability to exhibit creativity
3. Demonstration of leadership qualities
4. The student’s ability to take initiative and his or her commitment to success

All candidates who qualify will be reviewed by a committee of teachers including the Siena moderator(s) and the school principal. Students who demonstrate the qualities necessary for Siena membership will be invited to join the program. These students will be expected to uphold these qualities of excellence throughout the school year to keep their place in the Siena program.