Fundraiser: World’s Finest Chocolate

World's Finest ChocolateOur school will be conducting a fundraising candy sale this January. We will be selling World’s Finest Chocolate Products – truly delicious chocolates that have been sold for years by schools and organizations. One taste will tell you where they got their name and you are sure to find people in your neighborhood who have been World’s Finest fans for years.

If you would like to help our school by selling a box (or boxes) of chocolate, please fill out this tear-off form and submit it to the office. Every box sold will benefit our school and help keep tuition increases to a minimum.

Important Notes

– Price: $1 per bar – 60 Bars per Box
– This is not a Mandatory Fund Raiser.
– Sale Dates: Wednesday, January 4th – Wednesday, January 18th

Prize Program

Top Seller in the School: $100
Second Highest Seller: $50
Next Three Highest Sellers: $25.00

Special Bonus for Your Customers

Each Bar of World’s Finest Chocolate comes with a Free Membership Code to with access to Money Saving Coupons for Dining, Shopping, Entertainment and Much More! Each Box has a Membership Code for Your Family too!

Follow These Important Instructions

  1. Be sure to write your NAME, CLASS and AMOUNT ENCLOSED on your money envelope.
  2. Be sure to send in a note if you are requesting additional chocolate.
  3. Be sure to collect the money for the order from each of your customers.
  4. When you have finished selling, total up your sales and re-check for accuracy.
  5. Return money in full box increments only ($60.00/box)!
  6. Please make checks payable to Our Lady of Hope Catholic Academy.
  7. Return all money by the final day of the drive.
  8. Good Luck and Be Safe!